Where you can celebrate life and love

(and make the world just a touch more beautiful)

Wild nights – Wild nights!
Were I with thee
Wild nights should be
Our luxury!

– Emily Dickinson

A dream night together in our spacious dream conservatory, with a wonderful view across the IJ. In a round bed, designed by an artist, which, during the day, folds away like a flower, and serves as a large reconciliation table .At night it is love that makes the connections… Without having to do anything, you also make the world around you just a touch more beautiful. By sleeping in the inn, you contribute to solving conflicts. It’s the ‘Ben & Jerry’s way’: part of the profits we make go directly to the ubuntu activities.

If it is your wedding night (and there is, quite honestly, no finer place in Amsterdam for celebrating that), there is, of course, champagne and you will receive from us a tree as a present, planted in Sumatra with your name on it. In this way, you create more forest for the orang-utans, in a place where many trees have been felled. And we have more surprises up our sleeves. Would you like to lay the tarot on your love? We will do it for you.

Keep an eye on our website: it is quite possible that you will soon not even have to get out of bed in the romantic suite to marry, because the inn will become an official marriage location for the municipality.

  • luxurious suite measuring more than 50 square metres
  • glass roof and walls: spectacular view of the IJ, the boats and the stars
  • unique round bed with sustainable Yumeko down
  • design bathtub with view over the harbour
  • generous ecological breakfast
  • private terrace on the water’s edge
  • flatscreen tv and cool sound system
  • free wifi
  • free use of mini-bar
  • free parking
  • 340 euro per night (ex. 6% VAT and tourist tax)


If you spend your wedding night here or celebrate another milestone in your relationship, there will be champagne for breakfast. You will also receive a special present from us: a tree on Sumatra with your names carved on it. In this way you will help create an extra forest for the orang-utans in a region where a lot of trees have been chopped down. And we have even more surprises for you: do you want to have your love confirmed by tarot? Anna will read the cards for you! Our inn is also an official wedding site for the municipality of Amsterdam.