Exactly one hundred years ago, Amsterdam got its own marina: the Six Harbour. The Queen’s yacht was berthed here, and the port master would keep an eye on it from his wooden house. When this house became available, the city council decided to hold a competition: who could come up with a special idea for this unique spot? Our plan, which revolves around connectivity, was chosen.

We love Nelson Mandela. His ubuntu-philosophy inspired us to create a space where interconnectedness is celebrated, restored and nurtured. We added a large transparent conservatory to the house; during the day it is used for conflict resolution, brainstorms and meetings about important themes such as corporate social responsibility and respect. At night, the conservatory changes into a romantic suite. We turned the garden into a summer terrace, where all Amsterdammers can enjoy the beauty and the view from this oasis on the IJ.


In most hotels you usually sleep under duvets filled with down plucked from living animals. Ouch! And you probably dry yourself with towels that have been made through child labour. And not to mention all those trees that are chopped down for your toilet paper! Ubuntu is also about animals, trees and children. That is why we are so very proud and pleased that just about everything here is animal-, child- and environmental-friendly: from the biological cava and breakfast to the green energy and cleaners. Pioneers such as Yumeko (down, matrasses, towels), Satino Black (toilet paper, dispensers, toilet brush) and Boen Groen support us as we support them! All profits we make with this venture will be re-invested in even more environmental measures and our various other social aims.