Where you can enjoy the finest view in Amsterdam

Right in the heart of Amsterdam, you can see the Central Station, EYE, the Music Building. And at the same time you have the feeling that you are away from it all. No cars here; the traffic is made up of ferries, cargo ships, cruise boats. The IJ laps at your feet. With lounge corners, individual chairs as in the Jardin de Tuileries in Paris and even a grass hill to lay on – our summer terrace is the finest spot under the Amsterdam sun!
The coffee is from freshly-ground Bazaar beans and the various beers are cold. And because we are both rather fond of wine, the biological Spanish house wine tastes wonderful and there are also a few surprising wines in bottles. If you are peckish, we have the soup of the day, the roll of the day, the cake of the day, pizza or a simple dish. Just the way things are in an inn: from our own kitchen and whatever happens to be at hand.

Open in good weather, from 11 to 21. Take the ferries from behind Central Station and then an eight-minute walk or three minutes on the bike (we are exactly between the two major ferries).

For a map, look under Route.